My memory investigation revealed…

Don't forget

Don’t forget… what the hell was it again?

…a big fat nothing :(

As I described in my previous post Living with no memories, I have serious memory problems, and the doctors have performed a “memory investigation” for a couple of months now. Last week I had an appointment with the doctor in charge of the investigation to get the final results: Nothing. Or to be more specific:

  • More blood samples than I care to remember tested for all kinds of deficiencies and illnesses. Result: All is well.
  • A CT scan of my brain to look for tumors, aneurysms, signs of dementia, etc. Result: All is well.
  • An “extended memory and dementia test” performed as an interview with a lot of questions and exercises. Result: All is “within parameters”.

I am of course happy that the CT scan didn’t show anything. Regarding the blood samples I have mixed feelings; On one hand I’m happy to be healthy, but on the other hand, if my memory problems were to have been caused by say a substance deficiency, then it would probably have been rather easy to amend…

I was very surprised to hear the results from the memory test. In my case, “within parameters” means that I scored right on the lower limit of what is considered to be “normal” for a man of my age. Well, if the test says that I am “normal”, then “normal” is not good enough for me.

As I mentioned in the other post, I used to have very good memory, and to go from there to constantly forgetting what I was talking about before I can finish a sentence, and always forgetting why I went there when I get to another room – that is just not acceptable to me.

What happens now is that the doctor has remitted me to the memory clinic at the Linköping University Hospital. I don’t know when they can make time for me, but I’m hoping that they will be able to tell me more about what is wrong with me than this investigation did…

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