My take on stuff

I have a lot of thoughts, ideas and opinions about serious and not so serious subjects alike. This page will act as a list of links to pages where I attempt to tackle some of those subjects.

I am an atheist, and as such I often get into discussions and some rather heated debates on the topics of atheism and religion. This has currently become my foremost inspiration of subjects for this page, which you will see in the list below. What I mean is that it was never my intention to make this into some anti-religion page, but I am aware of that it looks that way right now. I will try to amend this by adding some completely unrelated subjects, but as I said, this is the subject that I am currently most interested in.

Topics related to religion and atheism

The title says it all, I guess. This is a collection of pages that describe my personal opinion on matters of atheism and religion:

  • What is an atheist? Surprisingly many people have a very vague and often incorrect understanding of what an atheist is. On this page I try to explain this and also some common, related words such as theist, deist, pantheist and agnostic.
  • Being an atheist. I am an atheist, which simply means that I do not believe in any god(s) at all. I have found that many people, particularly religious people, does not really understand what this means. So I created this page to try to explain it.
  • Creationism and Intelligent Design, which really are the same thing (and therefore equally ridiculous).
  • The creation myth. Who created the universe, the earth, and us humans? Well, no one of course, but try telling that to any religious person.
  • Flood myths such as the story of Noah from the bible.

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