Welcome to iseborn.eu!

My name is Bosse Iseborn, and this is my web site. I’ll just assume that you are not really that interested in me personally, so I won’t bother you with more on that. If I’m wrong, you can check the About page. There is also a page here with news about the site, and a site map which lists all the site contents.

This site is still to the main part a playground for me learning about web development, so much of the stuff you find here is unfortunately only half finished. Since this is something I just do on my spare time as a hobby, it sometimes goes months between updates, and then there can be a stream of updates over a week or so. So I try to keep the news page updated whenever I add or change something here, but I tend to forget it…

NOTE: I have been moving this web site and fiddled with my domains for a while now, and I’m not quite sure that everything works as it should yet. Some links may be broken and some images missing. I have also noticed that there are some weird characters here and there in the pages. Not sure where they come from, but I fix them as I see them.

Bosse Iseborn, 2014

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