My Thai vacation booked

Chaweng beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

Chaweng beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

Finally, everything is decided and booked for my Thailand vacation. This time I will travel with my friend Masse, but we split up in Bangkok and he will arrive in Koh Samui sometime after me.

We fly with Norwegian from Arlanda airport on Thursday July 24 and arrive in Bangkok early on Friday morning. From there I take a Bangkok Airways flight to Koh Samui, where I stay in a garden-view bungalow at Tradewinds by LAWANA on Chaweng beach. The return trip goes the same way on Sunday August 10, which means that I spend 16 nights in Thailand.

I’ll be back in my flat late Sunday evening and start work again the next morning. From experience I know that this is not very… comfortable, but since I only work 25% I think I can manage it :)

As usual, I haven’t planned any activities, and I will probably spend most of my time there reading on the porch of the bungalow or somewhere in the shade by the beach. The perfect vacation for me is when I can just relax and do nothing – pretty much what I would do at home except in a warmer climate, with nice views, and with wonderful Thai food.

I travel light this time. No luggage to check in. The most important thing I take with me is my Kindle Paperwhite, loaded with books :) I used to be skeptical about e-book readers, but I love my Kindle which I have had for about two years now. I have looked at other e-book readers, but none of them comes even close to the Kindle in my opinion. I used to stuff my bag with pocketbooks, but now I just put my Kindle in my pocket instead and have all my books available directly – and buying new ones is ridiculously simple.

As I write this, it’s 22 long days until it’s time to jump on the train to Arlanda airport. Can’t wait…

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