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Some old and new projects of mine

Web sites

My main web site is at, and the old site is at Read more about both of them here on the wiki.

CDL-dagen is a yearly party for present and former members of team CDL at Saab, Linköping. I am currently hosting this site at, but the site is built to be easily moved if we ever get around to setting up a dedicated site and domain. - OK, so this is not really my project, but I am following it with great interest since it is developed by my pal Cybermasse. He started learning web development very recently, like me. However, unlike me, he does not really make it a priority :-)


DevStick is my complete development environment on a USB memory stick.

The DevStick Menu, or just DSMenu for short, is an application for keeping track of and running the stuff on the DevStick.

PHP scripts and similar

boiseFileTree is JavaScript/jQuery tree view for browsing the server side file system.

boiseMenu is a JavaScript menu.

boiseBackup is a PHP script for making and downloading backups of files and directories on the web server.

jEdit components

pascald80 is a jEdit edit mode for the Pascal/D80 language.

PD80Plugin is a jEdit plugin for Pascal/D80 programming.