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The relevant data on my web site consists of the following:

  • Main site settings files such as php.ini and .htaccess.
  • The main site implemented with WordPress:
    • The main WordPress installation.
    • Installed WordPress plugins and themes.
    • WordPress settings files.
    • The WordPress database in MySQL.
  • The wiki implemented with MediaWiki:
    • The MediaWiki installation.
    • Installed MediaWiki plugins and themes.
    • MediaWiki settings files.
    • The MediaWiki database in MySQL.
  • General MySQL settings.
  • Personal MySQL data tables apart from those (none so far).
  • Non-Wordpress pages and functions:
    • Einstein quotes.
    • BoiseBackup.
    • BoiseFileTree.
  • General data directories:
    • images.

That may seem like a lot of stuff, but keeping it backed up should not be too much of a problem. To simply back up the whole site all the time would be too slow, take up too much disk memory, and would be a waste of time and effort since most of the site data is completely static. So I will do this in the following parts:

  • WordPress: The non-static files and the database contents for the WordPress part is backed up continually using theUpdraftPlus plugin that I have installed. It backs up everything (the database and files) related WordPress on the site to my Google Drive once a day, and sends a status notice to me via email after each backup so the I know that everything worked.
  • MediaWiki: I have not been able to find